How Are Domestic Markets Changing?

April 9, 2018

With the virtual elimination of credit lines, many manufacturers are being forced to operate on cash flow which has dramatically reduced the size of orders placed with suppliers.  Companies may have increased the frequency that they order, but much smaller orders have forced companies to re-evaluate how they manufacture products.  Gone are the days when a company would purchase a two or three month supply of parts.  Today their purchases are based on a "pull system" where they only order the exact number of parts to produce orders currently in house. As the economy continues to improve and people have more available cash to spend, the limiting factor will be a sufficient number of skilled workers to produce the products that people are willing to purchase.  A...

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How Demand for Products in China that are Manufactured with American Red Oak May Affect Your Business

March 1, 2018

The Government banning the harvest of timber in China, coupled with a huge increase in demand for products manufactured from American hardwoods, has placed a strain on the availability of logs for US sawmills. Demand increases outpaced production increases in 2017 and that gap will likely widen t...

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Congratulations on Promotion

February 2, 2018

Continental Underwriters, Inc., a Richmond, VA based Managing General Underwriter and Wholesale Broker specializing in providing insurance and risk management solutions for companies in the forest products industry, is proud to announce the promotion of Amanda Huang to Chief Operating Officer....

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How will tariffs imposed on imported Chinese hardwood plywood affect US manufacturers?

January 15, 2018

The International Trade Commission recently upheld tariffs on imported Chinese hardwood plywood that average 208% due to findings that they were "dumping" product on the US market and were having an adverse affect on US manufacturers.  We have been receiving calls from member companies askin...

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Excess Capacity

December 5, 2017

In speaking with many of our members, the phrase frequently being heard is, “We have business, but we would really like to utilize our ‘excess capacity.’ It would really make a big difference on our bottom line.” 

With so many companies running as lean as poss...

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