Importance Of A Unified Wood Promotion Program

Importance Of A Unified Wood Promotion Program

March 2, 2020

For many years hardwood in a home was considered to be a sign of wealth or success.  Items such as hardwood floors, cabinets, and furniture provided the feeling that the homeowner had "made it" and would be set for life while they enjoyed living in their home.

Today, everything is disposable, and like a career, no one expects to live in their home for more than 5-7 years.  The consensus is to do something (i.e. replace a kitchen floor) with something that will last a few years, and can be easily changed to match today's styles.

As long as something "looks like real wood" and saves the homeowner money, the trend will continue  "to look alike materials."

To explore the specific reasons why real American hardwoods continue to decline in the eyes of home buyers, over 26 associations and groups have banded together to conduct research into the rationale, and to develop a branding message to counter this trend.

Currently research is being conducted with focus groups and in-depth studies to discover the "silver bullet" that is causing this major shift.  Once that has been appropriately shared, an in-depth long-term branding program will be developed.

The overall goal of the program is to once again bring solid American hardwoods back into the forefront of something that is highly sought after by the American public.  The additional benefit will be an increase in the use of real hardwoods instead of look alike products.

For more information on this important project, readers may contact Philip Bibeau of the Wood Products Manufacturers Association at 978/874-5445.

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