First Thing To Do In A Disaster

First Thing To Do In A Disaster

July 1, 2019

Think quick!  Your company has just experienced a major fire or tornado during working hours, what is the first thing you do?

Recently a woodworking company in New England experience a 9 alarm fire that started during the middle of the work day.  There were over 100 employees in the facility.  Due to the fact that the company never practiced a fire drill nor took into consideration the four different languages that employees spoke, it took almost 4 hours to notify the fire department that all employees were accounted for.

With an ever changing workforce, employers often forget the importance of making sure that their employees are prepared for a disaster.  We strongly urge all members to practice an evacuation drill at least twice a year.  It is important for everyone to realize where they should assemble in the event of a disaster so they may be accounted for.

Your equipment and facility may be covered by insurance, but your most valuable asset- your employees are not.  Don't put yourself through the agony of wondering if everyone is safe, plan today.

Since 1929 the WPMA has worked hard to provide members with timely information to help them remain competitive in the global economy.

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