Not Asking Detailed Questions Could Have A Major Affect on Your Business

December 3, 2018

A member in PA recently brought a potentially crucial situation to our attention that could affect their business as well as that of a large number of our members.  Everyone realizes that being able to dispose of your wood waste (even at little or no profit) is critical to your business being able to operate.  The problem occurred when a Department of Agriculture inspector visited a large woodworking facility and found that their solid wood waste contained less than 2% of MDF sawdust.  The inspector immediately filed a cease and desist order and did not allow them to operate or sell their wood waste to a company that was distributing it for animal bedding.  This action would have shut down a very large number of wood products manufacturing companies as they found com...

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What Can You Do To Attract Younger Workers and Improve Productivity

November 6, 2018

One of the most pressing problems for business owners today is the ability to recruit and retain quality employees.  In a recent visit  a variety of manufacturing facilities, it is amazing to learn how few companies value their current employees and refuse to rotate them to a different ...

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Why It Is Important To Turn Overstock And Surplus Items Into Cash Now

October 1, 2018

Now that summer is over and everyone is back to work this is the perfect time to help your business and your bottom line by turning surplus items into cash.

Most companies have conducted an inventory and have come up with a variety of "treasures" that the owner asks "where in the world di...

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How Are Log Exports to Asia Affecting Your Business

September 4, 2018

Americans have always looked to export logs to help increase the bottom line for their company.  In the past it was primarily a small number of high quality veneer logs that were exported.  All that changed a few years ago when the Chinese government made it illegal to harvest logs with...

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August 16, 2018

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is held every two years in Atlanta, GA.  It is the largest woodworking fair in North  America.  Companies from around the world will be exhibiting the latest products and technologies.  The majority of the equipment will be fully operat...

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