When Will Things Change?

January 4, 2021

Based on the number of calls the association office is receiving, people are extremely anxious for things to return to the "way they were."  The pandemic has forced many groups to change their meetings and trade shows to virtual events.  That is all well and good as no one feels safe traveling or gathering in groups.  But so much of the woodworking industry is based on face to face meetings and long term friendships and partnerships.  

Very few people feel comfortable spending $200,000 on a machine without ever seeing it operating and even less comfortable dealing with support staff that must operate remotely.  People are looking for suppliers that will not only sell them an item, but are willing to become long term partners in the success of their business. 

Your executive director had a nice conversation with a world renowned author and speaker that recently published an article titled "Have outside salespeople become obsolete?" 

He honestly feels that businesses can operate without face-to-face sales staff.  Sometimes a fraction of a penny is a low price to pay for an item that is delivered properly and keeps your operation running smoothly.  Long term partnerships are not built on the lowest price, but rather who you are.