Supply Chain

When Will the Supply Chain Improve

August 2, 2021

Based on the number of calls our office is receiving, it will be some time before things return to "normal" as far as shipments go.

Many people are looking to have products produced in North America that had been previously manufactured  in Asia.  We are hearing about freight rates from Asia to the US at over $18,000+ per container.  With hardwood lumber prices being equal to Asian and American manufacturers, the numbers simply do not add up.

We are hearing of many containers of hardwood products being "rolled" or cancelled by the shipping lines, as they carry higher value items.

Hardwood lumber prices are starting to see hints of a plateau, but only because they have approached the prices of substitute materials.

It is critical that manufacturers work as long term partners with their suppliers.  By working together we will see the end of the light at the tunnel, and no it will not be that of an approaching train.