When Will Lumber Prices Come Back Down to Earth?

March 10, 2021

Based on the large volume of calls coming into the WPMA office, the unprecedented demand for lumber as well as weekly price increases, is having a huge affect on many of our members.

We are hearing of some lumber prices increasing $ 50-85 per thousand per WEEK.  Many companies are being forced to quote projects priced at TOS (time of shipment) as they are unable to receive firm prices from their suppliers.

Mills are telling us they are sold out of almost everything and that they don't know how many months it will be until they have more material to sell. Seasoned lumber sales people with over 25 years experience are telling us they have never seen anything like this in their careers.

Your executive director just read an article stating that what is happening with Red Oak prices may be a sign of what will happen in the future.  In many instances, companies that are not able to raise their prices will close (at least temporarily.)

If prices do not return to earth soon, customers will begin substituting other materials that will fill their needs, as they are unable to absorb unlimited price increases.

Hopefully things will turn around soon for the health and benefit of all member companies.