Vast Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

May 8, 2024

Today the NAM released a new study outlining how manufacturers use artificial intelligence. Manufacturers have been developing and using AI for many years, sometimes under the moniker of “Manufacturing 4.0” or “advanced manufacturing.” This technology is applied in numerous ways across the industry and is the key to advancing modern manufacturing. However, not all policymakers understand the vital nature of this technology to our sector, and with AI under increasing scrutiny, it’s important to tell the story of how AI is positively impacting manufacturing.


This report gathers insights from the NAM’s thought leadership partners, the Manufacturing Leadership Council and the Information Research Interchange, and perspectives from large and small manufacturers about how AI is shaping their business operations. It also provides a roadmap for policymakers to create a supportive environment for AI innovation.


Key Findings:

·         Manufacturers are consumers, developers and deployers of AI throughout their production processes.

·         The potential applications for AI in manufacturing are expansive and can help industry leaders improve efficiency, product development, safety, predictive maintenance and supply chain logistics.

·         AI refers to a large umbrella of technologies that include machine learning, machine vision and deep learning. These tools allow manufacturers to make their shop floors safer, improve work experience and create innovative products that solve global challenges.

·         Manufacturers are implementing and testing AI programs in a way that keeps workers as the central drivers and decision-makers for AI processes or products.

·         To remain a global leader in advancing AI and supporting manufacturing innovation, the U.S. should take a cautious approach to AI regulation, tailor any regulation to specific use cases and risks, right-size compliance burdens, support R&D and new workforce pathways and ensure that regulatory frameworks are aligned globally.

With this report in hand, NAM invites you to share these findings to highlight the reality of how artificial intelligence is being used. The responsible development and right-sized regulation of AI is key to the advancement of modern manufacturing and America’s future competitiveness in this emerging field.

We encourage you to share your own stories about how AI has transformed your industry or operations while amplifying this report.  Email or