Things are Changing

September 8, 2020

In speaking to a lot of member companies, we are hearing that things are changing, and not for the better.  When companies were able to return (in a modified version) from the Covid 19, many businesses stated that they were busy, both in filling old orders and from producing new orders for companies that chose not to return to work yet. 

Fast forward five months and we are hearing from business owners that they are starting to get nervous.  They state that they had been fulfilling old orders but now the "pipeline" is not getting refilled with new orders.    

Many people are stating the difficulty in getting former well trained employees back to work.  The common theme is "these people are bringing home more money with the special unemployment payments than they were when they were working full time."   In addition to being short handed, now owners must work even harder for additional orders for their facility. 

Hopefully things will start to balance out for everyone, as we truly need some stability in the industry for everyone to continue moving in the correct direction. 

Since 1929, the WPMA has focused on providing programs and services that help a company remain competitive in the global economy. 

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