It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

November 9, 2021


The association is hearing from more and more members that are being affected by Supply Chain Issues.    Purchasing managers are telling us that they are trying to keep a 2 month (60 day supply) of raw materials in stock, and are still running out.  What happened to the days of JIT deliveries (just in time) that miraculously helped companies free up valuable cash and floor space for new and innovative products?   We are hearing from companies that have had to lay off 60-90 employees as they are unable to purchase raw materials to operate.

We continue to be inundated with requests for products that are headed to Amazon.  Suppliers are telling us they are unable to live with $28,000 freight bills from Asia and cans being rolled.  Most members are quoting wood related items with a “price at time of shipment” as raw materials are still not really available.

If there ever was a time to fire slow paying (often complaining) customers, and replace them with good paying accounts, this is it.

Let’s all hope that things improve and everyone is soon able to add all the new business they would like.