How Do You Price A Job?

May 3, 2021

How Do You Price a Job?

Earlier we discussed the rapid rise in prices of all raw materials that are utilized in all wood products.  These include framing lumber for a new home to Baltic Birch panels utilized in things such as kitchen cabinets or flooring.

The question our office has been asked many times recently is "where will prices be in 6 months" as I am pricing out a bid on a new job.  The answer we give is DON'T give a firm price more than 7 days out.  As there is very little raw material available, most mills are not allowing their sales staff to accept an order unless the material is physically sitting in the warehouse.

This is making it extremely difficult for our members to look out and generate new business, but without stock, it is impossible to price out a job.

It is hoped that some items that are starting to show signs of prices plateauing due to the switch to alternative materials, will have a leveling effect on the market.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed.