Are Lumber Prices Starting to Moderate???

September 7, 2021


The WPMA office is constantly being asked, when will lumber prices moderate so that I can place "regular" orders to be able to plan on raw materials?  The answer is that they are very slowly starting to peak as more and more customers are investigating the possibility of utilizing alternative materials and saying NO to constantly increasing prices.  Certain raw materials such as high grade White Oak will continue to increase due to high demand from the cooperage industry.  But many people believe that we have finally started to see prices plateau, which will make more raw material available to be converted into wood products.

The big question mark will be what will the Covid variant do to the woodworking industry?  Many people are telling us that they are unable to hire enough help to process new orders.  The help situation will definitely affect the supply chain for many companies and cause a lot of heart ache and lost profits.

Hopefully prices will stop rising so quickly and allow people to generate some new and profitable business.  With freight rates of containers from China at record highs, let's all make hay while the sun shines!