A Major Change in How Business is Conducted in the Wood Products Industry

July 1, 2020

For over 250 years the wood products industry has conducted business based on relationships that have been built between supplier and customer.  As someone once said "if the customer doesn't like you- you can give them your product and they won't take it."

Up until recently the industry has focused on face-to-face meetings, networking at annual meetings and trade shows and developing a "friendship" that fostered steady new and profitable business.  The Covid 19 virus is changing the way that people live and work today.

We have and continue to see meetings and trade shows cancelled well into the new year.  Almost everyone is afraid to fly or travel and many companies have forbidden access into their facilities by anyone who is not currently an employee.

If new business is written on the golf course or over lunch and drinks and these avenues disappear, what will happen to business? There is only a certain amount of business that can be conducted virtually.

If you must wear a mask, social distance, and avoid large crowds, what is the future of meetings/gatherings as we know them today?  This may sound funny, but it is serious!

This is something that all businesses must start to discuss and develop a strategy to keep your company busy and profitable.