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What We Do:

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1. We are hired to negotiate, audit, and reduce credit card processing fees for our clients without them switching or changing their current processor or software system. We are NOT a credit card processor or provider but a business advocate to help ensure businesses within the WPMA can negotiate the lowest cost with their existing vendor. We look at the following areas in our audits:

·  Service markup charged by the processor

·  Interchange optimization and MCC code categorization (Applies to B2B)

How It Works for Members:

2. After negotiations and pricing is finalized with a member's merchant service company, we receive their monthly statements, run our analysis, and send them a report for the amount we saved that given month. We audit these merchant statements monthly to protect our clients against hidden fee spikes, increasing rates, or miscellaneous fees that are added to merchant accounts. 

·  It breaks down each fee we were able to negotiate, what the member paid previously to leveraging our services vs the new pricing we obtained, and the total amount of savings we achieved. 

·  Our firm makes money ONLY by sharing the savings we obtain our clients. If no savings are obtained, there is nothing owed to us.

·  NO upfront costs, NO hourly consulting fees, no risk to a member's practice, NO need to switch providers.

·  The savings will always be relative to their sales volume, there is no fixed savings or dollar amount. If we do not save a practice anything in a given month, I.E Your payment provider increases their fees, adds a hidden cost, etc, there are no savings to share, meaning there is no invoice from us. That is the beauty of our service as it is strictly contingent based. 

3. After negotiations and pricing is finalized with your payment processor, we look to recoup funds that a practice is entitled to based on overcharges from their current payment processor. These typically range 3-6 months worth of fees we can get refunded to our clients.

How It Benefits Members:

·  For members of the WPMA, we would offer them a 24 month term and sharing of the savings on a 60/40 sharing model. This is discounted a FULL YEAR FREE and also includes a 10% DISCOUNT for members. 

Contact For Details:

Regardless if you are in a contract, integrated with a specific software or hardware, or are limited to your credit card processing options, our team can reduce your existing credit card merchant fees without the hassle of making a change. Get a free audit to learn how much you are being overcharged!



Merchant Cost Consulting is a credit card processing consultant that helps businesses lower credit card processing fees, audit credit card processing fees, and assist with merchant services consulting without the headache of our clients switching credit card processing companies. 



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