What Happened to Customer Service?

What Happened to Customer Service?

April 4, 2016  |  Customer Service

Customer Service can make or break a business, especially in a time where good or bad customer service experiences are quickly shared over the internet or via word-of-mouth. As a business owner or manager, you want to be sure your customer service is working with you, not against you. 

The WMPA office often receives calls about potential customers contacting a supplier regarding prices or services, but the supplier never returns the call. This failed interaction might send your potential customer to a competitor’s business, all because your customer service was lacking. 

Customers want to feel valued and appreciated by a company. Often times, employees forget that the customer actually pays their salary and they see a customer as just another number. This mindset can drive paying customers away, making your company lose business. 

Bad customer service can be easily fixed. Evaluate how your employees interact with your current customers and target the weak areas. You can do this by doing trial runs with them or by anonymously calling the company with an issue that needs resolved. 

Take time talk to current customers about what keeps them coming back to your company, too. This can be a big eye-opener for what potential customers are looking for as well. 

Once you pinpoint the weak areas, make a plan to strengthen those areas. You might need to have a training seminar or put new standards in place for your employees. Once you have your customer service working with you, be sure to evaluate it from time to time in order to keep customers happy. 

The WPMA is always working with our members to provide information to help a company remain competitive in today’s global economy. We hope you can take this information and use it to enhance your company’s standing in this industry. 

If you have questions or if you would like more information, contact Philip Bibeau of the Wood Products Manufacturers Association at 978.874.5445.