What Are You Doing Today To Increase Business in 2020?

What Are You Doing Today To Increase Business in 2020?

March 4, 2019

Based on a large volume of member calls and attendance at a number of shows, the consensus is that business is not as strong as people would like and many business owners have said their companies have "excess manufacturing capacity."  In other words, people can use more business.

When you speak to many people and ask them what they are doing today to generate new orders in 2020 they look at you like you are from another planet.  When business is good people forget the importance of following up to stay in touch with your current customers to ensure that you and your company remain a "partner" in their success as a critical supplier.

The other thing that people forget is the fact that it often takes more than a full year to convert a company that is a prospect to a customer.  By waiting till the last minute before you lay people off (due to lack of work) to find new orders you are making a big mistake.  As more and more manufacturers learn the key to success involves working even closer with their suppliers, it gets harder and harder to get your foot in the door to prove that your company may in fact do a better job for them.

To help companies develop new and profitable business the WPMA has been advertising for inquiries and acting as a clearing house to connect manufacturers with new customers since 1929.  We continue to exhibit at national trade shows seeking inquiries that we can pass along to our members.  Many of our members will refer a prospective customer to the WPMA office to help them locate a supplier if it is not something they are able to produce.

Since 1929 the focus of WPMA has always been to provide programs and services to help members compete in the global economy.

For more information on how WPMA can help you and your company please contact Philip Bibeau, Executive Director at 978/874-5445.