July 1, 2014

July is typically the month that many of our companies experience a slow down due to our team members taking much needed vacations. In addition to doing routine maintenance to our facilities, this can also be a great time to "find" that machine hidden in a corner or extra parts under layers of dust that will not be used - but can still be of value to your company.

Any items that are not adding value to your business are robbing the company of valuable cash. In order to help these companies turn their "lost treasures" into cash, the WPMA has a 'For Sale or Trade' section included in our monthly newsletter and on our website. Many people have been able to sell or trade an old machine or surplus stock for something more valuable to their business.

The WPMA is constantly working to offer programs and services to help companies remain profitable . If you have any questions please feel free to contact Philip Bibeau at WPMA 978-874-5445 for more information.