Top Two Problems Companies Are Facing

Top Two Problems Companies Are Facing

November 12, 2014

Recently the WPMA held it's Annual Meeting and a number of major challenges to our membership were presented during the events Roll Call Forum. This years’ discussion was focused on addressing the challenges/problems that companies are facing, and how those organizations were able to reach a solution. The two major issues this year centered around the difficulty in finding and retaining quality employees, and on the difficulties in finding freight to ship orders.

We learned that these two issues have been consuming large amounts of valuable time from the managers schedule, making it hard for them to accomplish other tasks to help them operate their businesses. At our forum  members were able to discuss their approaches, and report about their successes and learning experiences. Jeff Porier of Maine Woods Company commented that the "information received on how a fellow member in a rural area had solved his problem" had been "worth the time and cost to attend the meeting." Jeff stated further that he has asked his HR Manager to contact that member for additional details, so that Jeff and his company can begin implementing the programs at their facility.

The take away from this experience that networking opportunities at scheduled events can often provide solutions to problems that might not be available even with large expenditures of cash.  Members are more than willing to share solutions with fellow members that they know will work.  You can’t benefit if you don’t attend.

Our readers should begin to act on solving these issues as soon as possible. As business improves, quality workers will gravitate to the companies that are focused on becoming an "employer of choice."