The New Employee Mindset and What It Means for the Future

The New Employee Mindset and What It Means for the Future

April 1, 2015

Millennials are the driving force of the modern workplace. They’re stepping up into leadership roles, seeking a workplace that fits their needs, and they’re willing to change jobs to get what they want.

Gen Y employees value the following in a workplace:

  • Stimulating work
  • Innovative
  • Fun place to work
  • Flexible work environment
  • Financially successful

These new employees aren’t afraid to switch jobs to find a company that fits their values and desires. Studies show that 43% of Millennials plan to actively look for a job in 2015. Does your company appeal to the new employee?

Millennials are looking for 7 main things when switching jobs:

  1. Competitive pay and benefits
  2. Career development opportunities: How far can they move up and advance in a company?
  3. Recognition based on their performance
  4. Open and complete communication
  5. Flexible work environment: They want to be involved in the workplace and have time for their personal lives
  6. Fun
  7. Strong management or leadership team

Gen Y employees don’t want to feel overworked and under appreciated. They want to be empowered in their workplace and they want to feel appreciated for their hard work. They’re looking for jobs where they can “work hard, play hard,” meaning they work hard at work and still want time to for family, friends, and hobbies at the end of the day.

Business owners should look at their company from a distance and see how their company would be perceived from a Millennial standpoint. Does your business meet the needs of the upcoming and current workforce? Are there areas where your company can evolve to meet the needs of the new employees?

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