Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees

Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees

April 3, 2014

Many companies have stated that have an extremely difficult time recruiting and retaining productive employees. One way to retain good employees is by creating a workplace culture where they desire to do good work, and it’s something that can be implemented in any business.

This is what one company, Keystone Wood Specialties in Lancaster, PA, has done to ensure that they create a climate that makes their employees want to work for them.

“The underlying foundation for a great place to work is the culture of the people who care about what they do, who respect each other and who look to be helpful to one another. Our company’s goal for building an ever stronger workplace environment includes:

Quality: Excellence is possible as individuals choose to do their best and care about the outcome of their work.

Safety: Maintaining a safe, clean work environment is everyone's responsibility and benefit.

Efficiency: Avoid waste of materials and time to keep Keystone profitable and able to provide employment.

Communication: this is what holds it all together- caring enough to pro-actively watch and express concerns and ideas that would better our quality, safety and efficiency."

As business continues its slow rebound, the time for companies to act is now while they are able to change things around to attract the help they require to meet increased demand.

Our association continues to work with members to help make them aware of programs or ideas they can implement in their business to remain competitive in a global economy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Philip Bibeau at WPMA 978-874-5445 for more information.