Now Is The Time To Lay The Groundwork For The First Quarter

Now Is The Time To Lay The Groundwork For The First Quarter

January 4, 2017

Companies typically take the time between Thanksgiving and New Years to complete the rush orders that are due before the holidays then take time to wind things down until after the first of the year. 

There’s a problem for businesses with this mindset. The first quarter of the year is traditionally a slow business period as businesses get things “back up and running” after the holiday rush. 

By the time that sales people get the order pipeline filled for March and April shipments in mid to late February, the first quarter has been a total loss as far as revenue is concerned. 

The first quarter of the year also comes with a large number of bills that are often due, such as insurance, which also places a strain on cash flow. 

What can companies due to ease this burden? 

They can spend the time following Thanksgiving on the phone and knocking on doors. The goal should be to book as much business in the first quarter as possible to get a jump on the competition. This will also ease the financial strain that so many companies experience. 

At the WPMA, our advertising program seeking inquires for new business, which are distributed to members, is very active during this period. 

One of our goals as an association is to help companies remain as competitive as possible. By distributing pre-qualified leads, we found that our members have been able to generate new and profitable business. 

This is just one part of what should be a very detailed and comprehensive marketing/promotional program. 

Helping companies develop new is one of the primary focuses of the association. Our goal is to help businesses remain competitive in the global economy. 

Readers with questions may contact Philip Bibeau, Executive Director at 978-874-5445 for additional information.