Not Asking Detailed Questions Could Have A Major Affect on Your Business

Not Asking Detailed Questions Could Have A Major Affect on Your Business

December 3, 2018

A member in PA recently brought a potentially crucial situation to our attention that could affect their business as well as that of a large number of our members.  Everyone realizes that being able to dispose of your wood waste (even at little or no profit) is critical to your business being able to operate.  The problem occurred when a Department of Agriculture inspector visited a large woodworking facility and found that their solid wood waste contained less than 2% of MDF sawdust.  The inspector immediately filed a cease and desist order and did not allow them to operate or sell their wood waste to a company that was distributing it for animal bedding.  This action would have shut down a very large number of wood products manufacturing companies as they found companies they could pay to landfill their wood dust waste.

After a great many phone calls to legislators and department heads the ruling was temporarily halted until everything could be sorted out.  The woodworking companies were allowed to resume production. It was felt that this action was caused by an inspector that did not truly understand the industry, who benefited from the sawdust, and the regulations that were currently in place.

Your fellow member asked us to pass along some advice that has been learned the hard way over the years.  Anytime that an inspector such as OSHA, EPA, Department of Agriculture, etc. wants to write you up for a violation of any type you should ALWAYS ask for a written copy of the regulation you supposedly are in violation of.  In a large number of cases, the inspector will not fully understand the regulation and you will be found to be in compliance.  As he said, always document and have everything in writing.  It could be the difference of you operating or operating without a major fine.

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