Member Benefits

Member Benefits

September 6, 2013

The WPMA is constantly working on program or services that help members compete in a global economy. We are fortunate to be able to use the purchasing power of our group to benefit our members.

The WPMA has partnered with Legend Web Works, LLC to develop a program that allows our members to have a site developed if they are not currently on the web, or to maintain their own site that Legend Web Works has developed for them. The beauty of this program is that 95% or more of the changes modifications to a company's site can be done by in-house staff.

The folks at Legend Web Works are available to provide support if needed. With prices starting at $48 per month, the cost is more than reasonable. Their system is also designed to drive additional traffic to a company's site, which ultimately may lead to additional new business.  If prospects are unable to find you on the web, the result will be lost business.  In a competitive and tough economic climate, wouldn’t it be nice to have the security of new or additional business? 

More information can be found on our Member Benefits page at

If you have questions they can contact Philip Bibeau at 978-874-5445 or email us at