Earn Cash Dividends Through WPMA-Indiana Lumbermans Safety Group

Earn Cash Dividends Through WPMA-Indiana Lumbermans Safety Group

Safety on the job is always the most important thing for your employees and the integrity of your business.  In addition to protecting your employees well being, a solid safety record can actually protect your bottom line as well.  This year, the Indiana Lumbermans Insurance Company (ILM) is paying WPMA Safety Group members a 6 percent cash dividend for the 2011 year. As a member of WPMA, you have access to Indiana Lumberman’s Insurance (ILM) exclusive program to begin earning benefits for strong safety standards of your woodworking business and employees.

Earn More Money for Your Business

In this economic climate, it’s important to generate revenue any way you can.  This program has the potential to pay up to a 10% dividend on all eligible lines of insurance and has been averaging 6% since its inception.  You can use the money earned from a strong safety record and spend it any way you see fit.  Purchase new equipment, catch up on invoices or redistribute the money to your employees.  Whatever your business’s needs, participation in the WPMA-ILM Safety Group has the potential to earn you money to improve your business.

Compete In the Global Economy

The ability to earn a potential dividend by being part of a well-run program is important today. With profits being razor thin, every dollar is critical to your company’s survival or growth. WPMA constantly strives to offer programs and services that help wood product companies and woodworkers compete in a global economy as well as improving their bottom line.

Your business must do what it can to compete in the woodworking industry.  By taking advantage of the WPMA- Indiana Lumbermens Insurance Company (ILM)  program, you can be rewarded for upholding the safe practices you already have in place. It’s one more reason a membership with WPMA gives your business the resources it needs to benefit you and your employees.

For more information about WPMA and ILM Insurance Company, please contact Philip Bibeau at 978-874-5445