Connecting With The Next Generation of Consumers

Connecting With The Next Generation of Consumers

June 1, 2017

This is the first time in history that the Millennials (those aged 18-29) have surpassed Baby Boomers (those aged 53-71) in terms of numbers and potential customers in the marketplace. 

Raised by Baby Boomers, Millennials  were raised completely different than any other group in history and have different values than their parents. 

Manufacturers must re-think how they develop a relationship with these potential customers to hopefully generate sales. Those in the Millennial generation have been given everything they wanted by their parents who wanted them "to have the things I never did." As a result, there is a different mentality that must be understood in order to get them to commit to making purchasing decisions. Since much of this generation is still living free of charge in their parents basement, they want to be sure that who they spend their parents money on is connected to their goals and beliefs.

Millennials have been connected for a majority of their lives and now, they rely heavily on cell phones as their primary medium for connecting with others. Authenticity is critical to this new generation and buyers want to know that the people they are dealing with are "human", take care of problems, and "give back" to their community. 

This is why marketing campaigns to reach this age group should be short and sweet. A good way to reach this up and coming generation must include at least one post per day on Instagram, and must provide a WHY they should buy from you. 

This authenticity and transparency is not developed overnight, but rather over time. As a result of this transparency, the initial audience you have worked with will decide to purchase your products and services when the time arises, but they will also refer their friends to you. 

It is critical that all social media platforms used, including YouTube must be mobile friendly and the content must remain fresh on a daily basis.

Business owners must be aware that, as this group continues to age, they will have well paying jobs and will be looking to establish families and purchase products that we produce. Now is the time to start developing relationships for your future customers.

Since 1929 the WPMA has been helping companies remain profitable and has provided them with information to be aware of trends that are emerging that could affect their business. 

This information is important because developing a new way to do business often takes a long time to do it correctly. We also want to make sure that companies put their financial resources and time into mediums that will provide results. 

Gone are the days of brochures and banner ads. These do not work and could cause companies to spend valuable resources that do not generate any results.

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