Congratulations on Promotion

Congratulations on Promotion

February 2, 2018

Continental Underwriters, Inc., a Richmond, VA based Managing General Underwriter and Wholesale Broker specializing in providing insurance and risk management solutions for companies in the forest products industry, is proud to announce the promotion of Amanda Huang to Chief Operating Officer.

Amanda has been part of the Continental family for over 12 years, and has spent the entirety of that time learning every detail of the business. Amanda has excelled in each role she has taken on, from underwriting to accounting to operations. She has built a strong foundation of knowledge, leadership, and culture that has helped Continental Underwriters, Inc. thrive in a niche focused and highly competitive segment of the insurance industry.

“Amanda is a key component of the value driven, customer focused, and employee centric culture of Continental,” says C. Preston Herrington, III, President and CEO.

When you work with Continental Underwriters, Inc. you notice the difference Amanda brings. You see it in the service they provide, the products they deliver, and the partnerships they create.

Working closely with over 30 carriers who specialize in, or have an affinity for, forest products, Continental Underwriters, Inc. is equipped to manage any forest products placement for an agent or broker. The Continental Underwriters, Inc. team provides unmatched attention to detail, superior service, and a high-quality product tailored to the forest products industry.  The Continental team is passionate about what they do, and eager to share their expertise. You can check out their website to learn more about what they offer:

Congratulations to Amanda on this recognition for her hard work.