April 30, 2018

A large percentage of the phone calls we are receiving are from employers who are having difficulty hiring and retaining qualified employees.  In addition to wages being offered, many owners are at a loss regarding what else they have to offer a potential employee.

Long gone are the days when a weekly paycheck was enough to entice a new employee to join your firm.  Today, many people are looking for a work/life balance.  They are expecting and almost demanding that there must be more than a financial benefit to their employment.

The first question I ask a company is if they have walked around their plant at break or lunch time?  Does the company provide a clean and comfortable lunch room that is conducive to networking and good times among fellow employees?  Or are people sitting alone outside your facility on a bucket or in their cars having lunch in bad weather?  If you were a 22 year old would you like to spend the rest of your working career sitting on an old 5 gallon bucket?

What type of advancement or growth opportunities are available for new hires?  Will they be doing the same operation or is their an opportunity to grow as a person?

The biggest factor that many of the millennials  mention is that if they are going to move out of their parents basement and have to pay rent, they want more of a work/life balance and don't want to work five (5) days per week.  They are expecting to be able to tele-commute at least one to two days per week.  This is the hardest component for a manufacturer to grasp.  How to make this work in their manufacturing operation.  

The advice we give employers is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential hire and ask yourself "Would I Want to Come to Work for this Company?"

The world is changing and we must all adapt to a changing workforce.

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