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Expedite, Full Truckload, LTL and International Shipping







Blackbird Logistics is service oriented transportation management company determined to
simplify the logistics process for our clients. Customer relationships are the key to our existence.
To cultivate, maintain, and provide value to those relationships, we live by 1 simple rule; treat
your business like our business. The relationships may start with our customers, but doesn’t end
there. Our continued success is also attributed to the bond we hold with our employees,
partners, carriers and local communities.

We are a full-service logistics company specializing in Expedite, Full Truckload, LTL (less-thantruckload),
and International freight shipping. Every customer is assigned to an operational
account manager(s) to ensure top level service is provided at all times along with an online
portal, empowering clients with the ability to rate, book, track shipments, and create documents

Phone: 248-594-SHIP (7447)
Social: @blackbirdlogistics

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