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Business Insurance Safety Group Cash Dividend Program


The Wood Products Manufacturers Association safety group is operated in conjunction with our partner at Pennsylvania  Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company. By pooling premiums, along with good loss experience, the group can reduce net insurance costs. The business insurance program offers a variety of coverages (property, general liability, auto inland marine and umbrella), and the possibility of cash dividend payments. If the group collectively has a good loss history, there is a possibility of a cash dividend payment of up to 10% of eligible policy premiums earned during the calendar year. The dividend is not a credit towards future insurance, but rather a check that is mailed to you. If the group has a poor loss history, there is no penalty or surcharge.

*Do I need to be a WPMA member to have my insurance quoted?

You do NOT need to be a member of WPMA for PLM to quote or write your business insurance.

* Can I receive a quote from my insurance agent?

Yes, your agent is the only person that will present you with a no-obligation quote.

*If my insurance renews during the middle of the year is my company still eligible for the safety group?

Yes, your company is eligible for the program.  If a dividend is declared, your amount would be pro rated based on the number of months you were a PLM policyholder and enrolled in the group.

With today’s business conditions, it’s prudent to get a no-obligation insurance quote from your current insurance agent to guarantee that you are receiving full value for your hard earned dollar.

If your insurance is coming up for renewal within the next 90 days we encourage you to call Philip Bibeau at the WPMA office at (978) 874-5445 for more information on a program that has the potential to help your bottom line.

Our program has paid a dividend in 7 of 10 years and has averaged a 4.15% cash dividend since inception.

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